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Welcome to superheldentraining.de! We offer you content and tools for your career orientation and personal development. We are the career institute for new work, with our programs we help to forge the competencies for the workplace of the future! Here you will discover your career superpowers and how to use them effectively to dominate your working day.

Superhero Test

We have developed the superhero test. This is a competency test where you can find out which superhero superhero type you are.

Superhero Journal

With the Superhero Journal, we take you on a four-part heroes journey, with 12 superhero tasks and a 90-day career course.

Superhero Events

In our workshops and exclusive retreats, you solve your doubts and develop strong career goals.

The Superhero Typology

For your career orientation we have developed the superhero typology. Take the superhero test and find out what’s your superhero type. Here is an overview of the four superhero families:


The career superheroes in this family possess entrepreneurial spirit and need projects in order to grow. Here you’ll find entrepreneurs who lead large businesses with a large body of employees as well as solopreneurs working on their own individual projects. Creating projects, directing large enterprises on the road to success—this is the world of entrepreneurs.


Here we may find crafters or coders, engineers or hackers. In short—makers who create things with head or hands. Maker types are dedicated to their knowledge and their skills. Whether a freelancer working project-by-project, a master craftsperson at a workbench, or an engineer in the plant of a mid-sized business or large corporation: apply, make, and create are bywords in the world of the maker.


The superheroes in this category always go for the gold. Fighters constantly seek out new challenges, testing their limits or going beyond them as break-out artists. Fighters may assert themselves as consultants for complex projects or face the great challenges associated with life as a professional athlete or artist. Making the impossible possible, taking on the most difficult challenges, and defeating the final boss—that’s the world of the fighter.


These career superheroes are global guardians, the people who want to make the world better, the helpers. The superheroes in this category found nonprofits, are activists, or work at jobs serving a good cause. Being a helper means placing oneself in the service of the greater good, and dedicating oneself to an ideal. Having the power to influence and the strength to promote change is more important to helpers than their own interests. Helpers want to establish meaning, use their power to help others, and to the extent possible, change the world.

About the Typology

Those on the trail of their own abilities need models, examples, and support—they need a means of orientation. Typologies are perfect for this kind of work. Being aware of yourself and your skills means having a clear understanding of what you are capable of achieving and for whom or for what you are willing to employ your abilities. In the end, nothing motivates a person more self-confidence and self-affirmation. This state is so powerful that it calls for an indelible, incontrovertible precept: Those who establish a career path based on the solid foundation of their abilities will find their superpowers. This is also the impulse behind the image of the career superhero.

Jörn Hendrik Ast

As an entrepreneur and author, Jörn Hendrik is committed to the vision of making work a more empowering and human centered experience than it is today. In 2013 he founded the Superherotraining, a publishing and training company that develops tools for the workplace of the future. His superpowers are his powerful voice, volcanoe erupting with ideas, unstoppable energy. (Foto: Dominik Tryba)

Superhero Testimonials

“I would warn everyone before starting the superherotraining. There is no back thereafter. With great power comes great responsibility! “

Friederike v. d. BusscheSolopreneur

“I recommend the superherotraining to those who are uncertain of where they’re heading in their career path. It’s for those who want to unleash their hidden powers and achieve much more than they think they can.”

Markus BertlingMaker with Helper energy

“Jörn Hendrik and his team have the vision to help people discover their own superpowers and they surely can! I hope they become huge!”

Ann-Kristin UmlaufFighter with Entrepreneur Spirit

“You could discover that you are wasting your life with things that don’t make you happy. You will be able to pinpoint what your professional goal is.”

Horst-Peter TraubSocialpreneur

The history of Superherotraining

  • December 2013

    Start of the idea to train Superheroes. A small blog goes live.

  • August 2014

    Development of the Superhero Typology. Start of the competence test. Current number of participants: 3.000+

  • March 2015

    Start of the trainings. Current: over 120 workshop days with over 150 participants.


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